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Ketel One Botanicals


Ketel One Botanicals

I recently got the opportunity to make a Gif of my choosing, so naturally, I picked Ketel One Botanicals.

If SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) has taught me anything, it is to use your resources. That means going out and finding a fantastic photographer and a hand model, yes an actual hand model.

Cucumber & Mint

First I had to find a location and ask what it felt like hundreds of rooftops later, I found the perfect one. It was surprising how difficult it was to find a place to let you take photos/videos in a SCAD College town. Finally, The Grove in Savannah was very accommodating and helpful.

The thing I like with these drinks is all you need is the vodka and club soda, and it is the most refreshing summer drink! I also love adding cucumber slices and mint in the cocktail as well, and it is delicious.

Peach & Orange Blossom

I got all of my materials for the shoot from World Market, Target and the Dollar Store. After having to haul all the supplies up to the rooftop, the next thing to do was to design it, which came pretty quickly. Once you have an image you’re working off of the easier, it is to put it together.

For the Peach & Orange Blossom, I have had friends that do not like club soda use tonic water with the drink. It was an unusually pleasant drink I must say.

Grapefruit & Rose

This Ketel One Botanical Cocktail is excellent with club soda, and I love adding a slice of grapefruit to heighten the notes of rose and grapefruit.

Cocktail Set

Okay and now what you have all been waiting for… the cocktail set!

Hammered Gold Cocktail Shaker

The shaker.

White Marble and Gold Metallic Dot Jigger

The Jigger

White Marble and Gold Metallic Dot Strainer

The Strainer

For more bar tools just head over to the World Market website! I hope you guys had a good time reading my post if you want to find out more just comment below!

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