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Disney World


Disney World

I recently embarked on a journey to Disney World in Orlando and had the BEST time thanks to these travel tips.

Tip 1: Get the app

Before heading to Disney, I contacted my friend who is an expert on all things Disney, and she told me first to get the app. The app allows you to do anything from booking tickets, making reservations at the restaurants at the park and looking at waiting times. I made a reservation at one of the restaurants at the magic kingdom at least two weeks in advance because slots for lunch and dinner fill up fast. You can also get FREE Fast Passes for your trip for up to 3 rides a day. We booked it through the app and picked, Pirates of the Carribean, Space Mountain and Peter Pan. The Pirates ride at the beginning of the day, barely had a wait time so what is nice is that you can switch out your fast pass for another ride if you would rather wait in line. Another ride that fills up fast is Buzz Lightyear ride.

Through the app you can also order food from the food stands through the app. All you would have to do is walk into the tavern and pick up your food and not have to wait in line to order and pay.

Buzz Lightyear

Tip 2: what to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Ponchos
  • Empty Waterbottles
  • Phone Charger

This was my essentials for myself but traveling as a family may be subject to change. I did not want to carry a lot in my backpack so I only packed my necessities. Ponchos really came in handy instead of an umbrella because you do not have to worry about getting wet and lugging around an umbrella all day. An empty water bottle is good to have on hand to fill up and stay hydrated all day. The rest is self-explanatory.

Tip 3: Magic Kingdom Night Show

The Disney Magic Kingdom has epic fireworks show every night and each day the time changes, so it is remarkable coming into the park you know what time it is that night. I would try to find a spot an hour before the show starts because it fills up quick. At the beginning of the show, it was almost impossible to find a place with a clear view of the castle.

Tip 4: After the Show

After the show, it is a good idea to go to the ride with the longest wait time because chances are you are going to fly through the line.

If you have anymore questions on this topic comment below!

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