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Train Museum Ootd


Train Museum Ootd

Today was free museum day here in Savannah so needless to say it was a brunchin and explorin heck of a day at the train museum. First, we started at Collins Quarter for some burgers and white Russian double espresso drinks. Then next came the fun part, the Railroad Museum!

Georgia State Railroad Museum

First off, I am obsessed with the outfit I have put together for this endeavor and gave me some train stewardess vibes. The links for the top and bottom are above. The shoes I found at Marshalls for $10-15 and was a steal. Now let’s get to it…the train museum!

It had over five old train carts that you had the opportunity to go into and explore the living conditions between the social classes. The whole museum was very historic and very well preserved. It had very picturesque backdrops as well for any of you picture gurus.

Since I have been living here since August of 2018, I am making it my mission to know the inside and outs of Savannah. If you would like me to write a post about anything in particular in Georgia I would be ecstatic too! Drop any suggestions below:)

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